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Christmas is coming..

With Christmas once again upon us it was again time to install our Festive Illuminations for some of our various customers, we have been illuminating one customer in particular for many years, Farnborough Village in Kent. We donned our wet weather gear & climbed into the Cherrypicker with the task ahead of installing a constant run of lights through the Village, this involved iluminating approxiamatly 45 trees & using hundreds of meters of Artic cable, Umpteenth sets of pea lights & Festoon, Ceform connectors, Waterproof boxes & so many lamps we lost count.

A week later we were back to supply & install the stage lighting & sound for the switch on event, that night all our hard work came to life as the village was brought to life with a wash of colour, it looked stunning & many Villagers commented on the quality of the lights & the event in general, which made getting soaked all worth while!

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