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This year after previously supplying various bits to Farnfest we were chosen to supply all the Lighting, FX, Sound & Staging/Trussing.

"Farnfest "Music in the village, by the village for all". FarnFest is a non-profit making charity organisation set up to promote and support music based entertainment in Farnborough Village Kent and its surrounding area. The FarnFest Music Festival - an annual weekend of gigs and performances by a wide and varied selection and styles of music and musicians."

For the main event which was an outdoor stage we supplied a 7.4 Metre wide, 6.4 Metre deep & 3.2 Metre high truss rig fitted out with various generic lanterns, blinders, moving heads & scanners, various effect lights & lasers.

On top of that we supplied low smoke, haze & smoke jets plus a 3.4k complete sound rig. All equipment was installed, designed, programmed & operated by IASL.

It was an unforgettable weekend which was attended by hundreds of people many commenting of the quality of the sound and the impressive effect of the lighting & effects.

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