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F501 Mini Low Smoke Machine - FAQ

Common questions asked about this machine. 

What do you need to put in it to make it work (apart from plugging it in)?

The machine runs off of a standard 13-amp socket that you would find in your house. You would get a full tank of fluid with the machine which would give you about an hours worth of low smoke (based on running constantly). Most people don’t use it constantly though. We do offer extra fluid for £5/10/15 + VAT (1 / 2.5 / 5 litres respectively) and sell it on a “use or return” basis so if you order too much and don’t end up using it then we can refund the unused bottles for you.

Depending on the size of your stage/area you need to fill you could need one or two machines. A lot of productions tend to go for one on each side of the stage – it all depends how much you want and how strong you would like the effect.


How long does it take to be ready to use?

Once the machine is plugged in the initial warm up time is 5 minutes before it is ready to use. Every now and then the machine will need to shut down for a minute or so to reheat but then will be ready again straight after.  

Can you switch it on and off or would you recommend leaving the power on and pressing a button to get the ice effect as and when you need it?

We would recommend leaving the machine turned on from the start of when you want to use it to the end to save the warm up every time you want to use it. The machine comes with a remote that you can start and stop the output whenever you want to.

The show is about 3 hours long. Will the contents last for an evening?

The fluid would probably last a 3 hour show if it was only getting used in a few scenes throughout and not constantly running – however whenever we do a show we always like to check in the interval to see how the fluid is getting on and see if it needs topping up but usually it wont need topping up for a theatrical show – it’s more for the band shows/gigs where the smoke is running more constantly to show the effect of the lights that it would need topping up more frequently.

The ice cubes inside should last around 3 hours – the more the machine is used the quicker the cubes will melt – but most of the time people tell us they get a good 3 hours out of the cubes before needing to refill.

Are there any dangers attached to using the machine (as there are with dry ice)?

There are no dangers attached with the machine. Dry Ice would have the Health and Safety of Co2 burns and is an asphyxiate in confined spaces but the F501 Low Smoke Machine doesnt have these issues as the smoke is vaporised water so is harmless.  

Do I pick it up and return it (I live in Sanderstead, Surrey, near Croydon)?

You would be welcome to collect from us and return which would be free – alternatively we can send and collect by courier for £28 + VAT to UK Mainland.  This would include delivery to you and then collection again after you have finished with it.

Do we need a licence of any sort?

You do not need any licence to run a F501 Low Smoke Machine.

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